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  ALL American Negro League Baseball

Tapestry AFGHANS
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  St. Paul Colored Gophers: Back row (standing), left to right: uncertain, uncertain, catcher Chappie Johnson, Phil E. “Daddy” Reid, shortstop Felix Wallace, William Binga, and Bobby Marshall; front row, left to right: Sherman “Bucky” Barton, Art McDougal, uncertain, William McMurray, and uncertain. The names of the four players not identified are Julius Londo, Robert Garrison, Archie Pate, and Eugene Milliner.



  » 100% cotton
» Acrylic see-thru bag
» Approx Weight: 2.50 lb. / Each

» Dimensions (LxWxH): 60.00 x 48.00 x 0.25 in
  Made in USA
"New" Negro League Afghans made of 100% cotton


  Styles available  
  » Cigars by Bob
» KC Monarchs
» Negro League Baseball Museum
Negro League Collage
» Game Stadium: Monarchs vs. Clowns

These Afghans depict some very interesting historical figures, icons and actual scenes from the era that was The Negro Leagues. This ultraweave throw blanket combines the detail and color of fine tapestry with the softness of 100% cotton. These picturesque coverlets, afghans, throws and blankets are not rugs.
  Afghans available for immediate ship!  

Remember The Don Almo
By Gary Chanko

If you were an adult living in the upper Midwest a century ago, the chances are you might remember Don Almo cigars. Perhaps you even smoked a few back in the day. Likewise if you happened to live in Hibbing*, Minnesota and a baseball fan, you might even know something about “Bob” the cigar maker. Obviously no person is around today to share those experiences. So we’re left to puzzle over the billboard advertisement that dominates the colorized St. Paul Colored Gophers team picture below. The photo was taken after a game played against the Hibbing Nine on May 21, 1909. As the scoreboard totals show, the Gophers crushed the local team 17-2. .....more

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