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The separate black baseball leagues came into existence because of the exclusion of blacks by the white-controlled professional major leagues after 1900. The formation of the Negro leagues in the 1920s came at a time when black racial pride and self-awareness was growing. It gave the black community a popular sport - a business - with black stars and management. It bolstered those who advocated autonomous action and control.

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Rube Foster, father of the Negro LeaguesAndrew "Rube" Foster
Known as the best black pitcher of his time, Foster earned the nickname "Rube" by outpitching white star Rube Wadell in a 1902 exhibition game..

Toni Stone : Female Negro League Baseball player
Toni Stone

Women played in the Negro Leagues also. Listen to a NPR (National Public Radio) excerpt. Learn more about her contributions and other female players to the League. Click here

. "White" space
J.L. Wilkinson
White owner and operator of the Kansas City Monarchs, Negro League Baseball's most financially successful Team of the era.

  Annual Jerry Malloy Negro Leagues Conference :

".... All conferences are scheduled to include scholarly presentations, an educational forum, a professional baseball game, a trivia contest, players panel, authors panel, with visits to local historic places ... more

Surviving Negro League Players honored in l-r, Herbert Barnhill, Art "Junior" Hamilton, William Henry "Bird" ClarkJacksonville, FL., a Negro League Player

Charlie Pride, a Negro singer Charlie PrideLeague Player, inducted in Music Hall of Fame

» music by Pride

Survivors of the Negro Leagues
LIVE baseball
CBS NLB Library

Hank Aaron receives Major League Baseball Award
Hank Aaron & President Clinton (AP)
more ...
» MLB All-Century Team/Video
» Hank Aaron Bio & Speech
» Hank Aaron Photo Gallery
» Audio Bio (NPR 1999)

SPORSTBREAK :WGMU radio 1370 AM baseball: studio guest Ernest Burke from the 1947 and 1948 Baltimore Elite Giants teams. 9:00pm CST
  MLB Great Mark Mcguire
i.Photo Album
ii.Time magazine

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Zulu Cannibal Giants

Zulu Cannibal Giants

Crawford Grill

Concert Hall 2141 Wylie Ave. Pittsburgh , PA. 15219 Phone: 412-471-1565

New York Black Yankees
Baltimore Black Sox
New York Cubans
Baltimore Elite Giants
Detroit Stars
Brooklyn Royal Giants
Philadelphia Stars
Kansas City Monarchs
Chicago American Giants
Atlanta Black Crackers
Cuban X Giants
Homestead Grays
Indianapolis Clowns
Newark Eagles
Pittsburgh Crawfords
Birmingham Black Barons
St. Louis Stars
Memphis Red Sox
Hilldale Giants
Cleveland Buckeyes

Books on The Negro Leagues

All but the most casual fan of baseball interest knows the story of Fleetwood Walker, Cap Anson, and the drawing of baseball's color line in the 1880s. What is perhaps less well-known is that Walker, at age 52, argued in a 1908 booklet that emigration to Liberia was the only recourse left to black Americans.
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Cleveland Daily Banner - Edwin Davis Former baseball player still in a league of his own
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Journal of Sport History, Vol. 10, No. 2 (Summer, 1983)

Wendell Smith, the Pittsburgh
Courier-Journal and the Campaign
to Include Blacks in Organized
Baseball, 1933-1945

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More Team history
General but interesting overview of some NLB teams, activities and brief profiles of key team players

Major League Baseball
NLB Tribute: History, Videos Audio and more.
NLB Franchise history as well as team season play information.
NL All-Time Team's profile of baseball's "cream of the crop".
Sites & Sounds
Multimedia tribute to the baseball Negro Leagues. Includes pictures, sound files, film bib. Also listed are living players from the Negro League.
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