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    We want to assure you that your credit card number is secure on All American Negro League Baseball.

The steps we've taken to safeguard your information include:

VISA article on SSL   . We are pleased to offer On-line ordering via WWW Secure Sockets Layer(SSL), available to you if you are running Netscape Navigator > 2.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer > 2.0. By using SSL, the authenticity of the host is verified (so that you know it's really us at the other end), your credit card data is encrypted before being sent from your browser, and the integrity of the data is checked to make sure that it all arrived intact.
Note: The teeth on the key provide security information: one tooth indicates medium-grade encryption protects the site, two teeth means high-grade encryption. Go ahead and click the key itself to learn more about a page's relative security.
  While you are viewing the content of our Web-site you are using a "normal" or open webpage document that everyone on the Internet can view. This is what the Internet is about. Information, pictures , etc are accessible to all, hopefully. In this mode the Security icon will indicate this by displaying the "broken" key icon. That's O.K., since you are not usually asked to enter any sensitive/confidential information on such web pages. Your main activity here is to "surf" or view the webpage at hand. is a verified Authorize.Net merchant.

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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:10:17 -0500 (EST) From: Maggie Harris <> To:

Hi there, My name is Maggie Harris, senior editor here at the Safe Shopping Network (Http:// I used our technologies to test for performance and shopping safety and found it to score quite well. The reason I did the test is because right now we are locating the tested safest web sites to list in our popular on-line directory.
  When you enter the SECURE section of the Shopping area( i.e. when you are entering confidential information such as Credit Card number, Name , Address, etc), look for one of these icons ( see at left) on your browser (or a "key" icon in some older Netscape browsers). These assure you that you are in SSL secure mode. If you are not in secure mode, try restarting the process or contact customer service for assistance.(AOL users: The AOL browser doesn't have a secure icon, but it should notify you when you are switching to secure mode.)
To find out if you are on a secure web page see on top where it displays the location. If you are on a secure page it will start out with https://. If the location does not appear on your screen you can probably enable your browser to display the location. Most browsers will give you a visual clue to whether the page you are viewing is secure or not. For example: If you are running Netscape Navigator 2.0 or 3.0 right now, you'll see a little "broken key" icon in the lower-left corner of your Netscape screen.
When you go to the secure ordering page, it will turn into a "good (solid) key" icon on a blue background , indicating that a secure link has been established. If you're using Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator, then you'll see Padlock icon in the lower-right, when you enter the secure site. In short: Netscape Navigator: - a blue line underneath the Netscape logo - and a solid key on the left bottom page. - if the location is displayed it will start out with https://... Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator: - an additional lock on the right bottom corner. - if the location is displayed it will start out with https://...


Q: For some reason I can't access the secure order form. What might be wrong?
A: First, ensure you are using the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Ensure that you are able to access a secure site on another domain. If you have the French version of MS Internet Explorer for Windows and you can't make secure connections to anyone, try grabbing schannel.dll from

Our customers are important to us and we want you to be happy with your shopping experience. We safeguard your privacy!   You enter your credit card and billing information on a page that uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol by default. What that means is that your credit card information is sent to our servers through a secure "pipeline" between you and 21st Century Computing.

  To ensure that your credit card information is even more secure, we store it on a server that isn't accessible on the Internet. Once we store that information, it won't be displayed anywhere on 21st Century Computing's Negro League Baseball or any other of its Websites.
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